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A Kiss By Appointment – Under The Green Lampost

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I’ll see you after school then, Janet said

Where? I said, under the lamppost, she said

After school, I ran home, put my play clothes on

Skipped to the old green, cast iron street lamppost

All-important events took place under the lamppost

I saw Janet skip-hop-skip-hop to the green lamppost

She had painted her full pouting lips bright, bright red

Red red red as a big juicy cherry, shiny red I thought

Her lips looked a bit like a clown’s – but I like clowns

We smiled big, touched hands, and, without a word

Ran down the street holding hands, tight and warm –

Only to the corner of the street, out of sight of our garden gates –

We Ran, ran – and ran as only seven year olds can

Out of sight of all grown ups and all garden gates just standing on the corner

She looked at me with sparkling chocolate brown eyes – we looked both ways

Flowing chestnut hair, sun kissed olive skin , big, big red lips

Smiling, giggling big. And, I giggled back, big, very , very big

Then I froze, still, still as night, still as a toy soldier standing on guard

And waited. Janet stopped, still as a toy doll , brown eyes blinking, blinking

And we just stared and stared. Then, she grabbed me close – oh so close

And smacked her big red, red painted lips hard into me, onto my cheek

Sticky wet warm lipstick-lips on my hot red cheek, harder, harder she pressed

Then just as quickly as she’d grabbed me  – she pushed me away

Giggled and giggled big – stepping back pointing her finger at my cheek

Look! She said, shrieking. What? I said, frowning. Janet reached into her

Pretty cotton frock pocket and pulled out her mother’s little powder puff compact

Giggling uncontrollably as she fingered the little disc open – we giggled big, very big

And she pushed the little mirror into my blushing red, red, hot red-hot face

Look! lips! She shouted, at the perfectly formed cherry red tattoo on my cheek

She had branded me, left her mark, and staked a claim – I love you – will you marry me?

She said, as she, quick as a snap, went to kiss the other cheek – hard – oh so hard

But I turned my head quick as a flash and our lips collided – warm lips on warm , wet lips

Warm, wet, sticky lipstick, tasty, scented lips, locked on – like frogs mating in Spring

She held me tight and our lips where stuck fast for an age – it felt warm – it felt nice

I thought I would faint for lack of air –  we were coupled, hooked -like a pair of coal trucks

Our noses fused and squashed. I liked it a lot . I think Janet liked it a lot,  – yes a lot , too

The smell of girl, the taste of a maiden kiss – this stays with me still – I wonder if Janet??

Just as quickly as it all happened it was over – she ran giggling, skipping up the street

And I ran in the opposite direction laughing into a new world of nice warm feelings

I saw Janet for the first time in years, and years and years today – she still looks great

I said, do you remember our appointment under the green lamppost, for that first kiss?

Her smiling chocolate brown eyes flashed, her red, red lips smiled big and I smiled big Back

Our smiles said it all. Janet giggled. She blushed and trotted off up the hill

And I trotted the other way, laughing big, very, very, very big – oh so big

And, sixty plus years seemed to melt like snow on a hot passionate day – into only –  yesterday.

Michael Knighton

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