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The artist Kongthin Pearlmich is Michael Knighton:

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Arrogance of Empire

Arrogance of Empire – The Elgin Marbles

The use of pen and art tools came readily to Michael, who has been intensely private in respect of  his identity as an artist. He is better known in art circles as, Kongthin Pearlmich, or simply, KP (a pseudonym). There are over 6000 art works many of which, if not housed in his studio, are stored in former textile mills in Yorkshire, England. He is also a prolific poet and has written a collection of some 3000 poems to date.

Like his poems – the art works cover a wide range of styles and skills. Indeed, one art commentator, Tim Kendrew the former Christies Applied Arts specialist who ran Christies Australian Sydney and Melbourne offices, and who is familiar with his creations, described his body of work as warranting the birth of a new art term – that of ‘Kongthinism’. Kendrew said:

“ An artist like K Pearlmich, who demonstrates such a superb mastery of a wide range of artistic skills including, but not limited to, furniture design, sculpture, painting, drawing, ceramics, photography – together with the ability to employ such a wide range of materials shows an ability which is truly astonishing. I have long been an admirer of his work. His artwork possesses almost a poetic majesty. He is very important British artist. Clearly, his rather unorthodox approach to the wider art establishment does not help to promote his name and his work – on an international scale – but should that ever change – his work has real quality – it is of a quality for this artist to become a seriously prominent figure in the art world and across the globe. ”

Every work, which the artist has produced, is signed with the initials ‘KP’ along with two further secret marques, a catalogue number, and, of course, a natural oyster pearl. Michael is largely self-taught. He has a naturally creative gift with a flair for form , shade and structure that he is able to cleverly weave into interesting metaphor and often with the use of vibrant colour. He clearly demonstrates perceptive vision with an amazing ability to convert his creative ideas into artistic reality.

He admits to having an unquenchable thirst for all forms of knowledge. There are more that 30 thousand books in his vast library. When not working in his studio producing his creations, he has travelled the world spending many years visiting museums and galleries to study the great masters. He is also a great admirer , and himself a creator of ,  cutting edge contemporary art.

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