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Ode To The Grand Designer Of The Beautiful Butterfly

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Ode To The Grand Designer Of The Beautiful Butterfly


Genius Of Design – She’s Come A Long Way From The Hairy Caterpillar

Showing Her Beauty  – An Artistic, Magnificent Floating Floatilla

Her Delicate Wings Like Tissue Paper Sails – Whisper A Gentle Flutter

Her Engineered Swallow Tail –Yellow, Silky Soft As Creamy Butter


There’s Natures Painted Lady – A Picture Poetry Marvel She Be

A Natural Wonder – Evolution Or God’s Gift?  Matters Not To Me

She Spans Her Wings, Sunbathes, Pirouette Flutters Upon That Flower

I Could Watch Her For Every Minute Of Times Winged Chariot’s Hour


She Seeks Out Nature’s Colour, Drinks In The Heady Nectar Perfume

Fliting, Bobbing, Dancing, Gliding From Glorious Bloom-To-Bloom

Then Nature’s Super Fragrance Scent Heavy- Triggers A Booming Sneeze

And Off She Flutters Skipping, Weaving, Floating Upon The Summer Breeze


I Follow Her With Sun Dazzled Squinting Eye’s Across The Golden Hay

Thrilled To See Her Delicate Beauty -She Really Has Brightened Up My Day

She Is A Queen – A Majestic Evolutionary Sovereign For My Eyes To Behold

A Stunning Example Of Nature’s Evolutionary Process – So I Am Tutor Told

Who Made Her ? Who Knows ? I Hope To Meet Her Maker – When I’m Wise And Old



This Poem Was Written By The Artist And Poet – Kongthin Pearlmich (aka Michael Knighton)When He Was Aged Fifteen. Scribbled In A School Jotter After Watching A Beautiful Butterfly Sunning Itself On Flowers Planted Outside The School Classroom.

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