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Our Tracey

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I’ve Watched Her Career – Wondered Mouth Open All A Fuck Agog

I’ve Laughed Out Loud At Her Antics: She Is Not As Thick As Fog

When In A Taxie Cab She Puked In A Coat Sleve Held At The Wrist

Sliding Along The Back Seat – Absloutly Hammered,  Well Pissed

Her Face Is So Ugly It’s A Beautiful Work Of Modern Art Itself

She Reminds Me Of Some Fairytale, Underground Wicked Elf

I Love Her Crooked Jaw Line – It’s So Incredably Out Of Sync

To Me She’s A Sex Goddess  – A Voluptuous Girl In Erotic Pink

I’d Love To Fuck Her Hard And Deep For Days In Her Orgy Tent

Oh Tracey – Come Be With Me, Now, Forever – Say Goodby To Rent

Eat The Fruit Of Hot Aching Loins Sail On A White Ocean Of Sperm

Intertwined, Underground In The Dark World Of The Artist Worm

Together, Climbing Seaman Sculptured Blankets In The Tate

Fuck Those Who Think This Is Not Art- It Is A Destiny Lovefate

Who Gives A Toss For Those Who Say She Is Not Even Second Rate

I’m In Artisic Heaven, Soaring The Universe  Riding A Sex Nymphet

Can She Draw, Paint, Sculpt, Etch, Print, Collage, Or Even Fucking Knit

They Say She Can’t Create Using Numbers From A Grayon Box Kit

But Shallow Critics Can Say What They Like We Don’t Give A Shit

We’re All Abstract Artists Now – Me ‘N R Trace Are A Cunting Smash Hit

Pseuds Can’t Get Enough Of Our Work – Two Farts In A Jam Jar Hid

Me ‘N Our Trace Are Exhibiting At The Regal Royal Academy Tonight

We’ve Already Sold Two A Them Fart Jars For Six Fuck Million Quid

So All You Sucker-Fuckers Who Says Our Tracey’s Not Bastard Bright?

We Don’t Care – We Just Drink Ourselves Stupid And We Fuck All Night.

Michael Knighton

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