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Raven Head- The Dame Of Little Sark

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Raven Head- The Dame Of Little Sark


Raven, Silky Black, Bible Black, Flowing Bushy Bobbing Black – Dylan Would Have Noticed. Azure Blue, Dazzling, Sea Blue Eyes, Circled Otter Black, Two Blue Whirlpools – Sparkling Like Rings Of Bright Water – Gavin Would Have Noticed. High Pitched Voice, Seagull Sharp, Dipper Darting: Serving Food Laden Tables Bossing, Herding Her Staff Like A Snapping Border Island Collie – Shouting, ‘You Stuuuupid BoooOy! You’ve Missed Table Three And Is There Any Honey Left For Tea? – Rupert Would Have Noticed.

Oh, Dame Raven Head Of Little Sark  – Surface And Come Up For Breath . Ease Off And Quench Those Exquisitely Pert, Pouting Cherry Red Painted Lips, And, We’ll Tak’ A Cup O’ Kindness Yet – For The Sake Of Auld Lang Syne And All Of Us – Your Melting Admirers, Oh Aye Lass, And Tha ‘As A Firm Ruddy Breast – So Robbie Would Have Noticed.

And, If I Should Steal A Kiss With My Lingering, Lustful Stare Afore She Harangues Her Mother To Send Up More Delicious, Juicy Sark Strawberries And Dad To Bring The Creamy Sark Thick Fresh Cream – Our Raven Squawks – ‘ Oh They Fuck You Up Your Mum And Dad’ – And, Yes, Philip Would Have Noticed. ‘Slow Down’ ! I Want To Shout.  Heave Your Bosom And Hoist Out Your Sailboat White Blouse And Fill Those Fulsome Breasts With The Sweet Summer Perfume Drifting, Heavy Laden On The Zephyr Breeze Which Doth Shake The Glorious Bursting Darling Buds Of May – For Thou Art More Lovely And More Temperate Even Than A Summer’s Day  – Oh, Yes, Our William Would Have Noticed.

If Only Luscious Raven Might Ignore Her Vanity And Suppress Her Testy Ego And Learn To Meet With Triumph And Disaster And Treat Those Two Imposters Just The Same – Then, Oh Yes, Rudyard Would Have Noticed. Let Her Heart Sing And Her Soul Dance And Soar O’Wandering Lonely As Cloud And Go A Dancing With The Daffodills- And Yes – Another Romantic, William, Would Have Noticed. The Cumbrian Sweet Man Would See How Our Raven Even Surpasses Lakeland Beauty.

That Trim, Narrow Waist, A Nubile Frame For Her Years, Sensual Mouth, Flashing Blue Eyes And Surf White Smile. She Effortlessly Moves, Oozing Charm. Our Raven Swoops Around Her Perfumed Garden Marking Out Her Territory On Her Island’s Little Sark. She Marks Out The Boundary With The Precision Of A Gary Globe. One Not Dare To Cross Her Path When In Full Flight As She Fusses Over Her Guests. If You Dare Fall Foul Of Her In This Mood – Then You Will Feel The Full Throttle Of Her Raven Wrath – This Black Beauty Is More Lethal Than The Praying Mantis. A Black, Black Beauty – I Bet Miss Anna Sewell Will Have, So Jealously, Noticed.

For This Raven Headed Beauty Soars With The Wings Of An Albatross And All The Channel Sailors, Young And Ancient Mariners Seek Out Her Waves Of Comeliness. She Is All Powerful, Here, In Her Sacred Jewelled Domain, For She On Honeydew Hath Fed And Drunk The Milk Of Paradise – Samuel Taylor C. Would Have Noticed.

And, Oh Yes Our Very Own, Michael,’KP’, ‘The Pearlman’, ‘K Peralmich’  –  Call Him What You Will but Sark’s Very Own Island Reclusive Artist And Poet Opened Up His Shell To Seek Her Favour – He Has More Than Noticed. He Is But Seed Pearls Of Bird Feed Upon Her Torrid Table Awaiting A Modest Peck Of Her Sweet Lips Upon His Ruddy Cheek –  If Only Our Little Dame Could Climb Inside Our Island Poet’s Mind And Read His Thoughts Of Passion For Her Heart – Our Raven Headed Beauty Would Stop A While And Notice Herself Just What She Means To Him And Touch His Aching Body With Her Mind – Oh Yes, Our Leonard Would Have Noticed.

If Only For A Fleeting, Swifting, Bird Like Second – She Might Stop! Smile And Think What Might Be Or Might Have Been. And, Just For Once, She Herself Might Notice The Unnoticed As She Trills And Darts Around Her Little Sark Empire On This Tiny Sceptered Isle, Oh Throne of Aphrodite, Oh Majesty Of Lust – Empress Of All She Surveys – Queen Of Queens And Queen Of This Reclusive Poet’s Heart, A Lonely , Lost , Saddened Sark Heart , At that ! Oh Raven , Come, Look His Way, Wave A Delicate Hand And Make Him Smile And Hear His Aching Heart Miss A Beat As It Thumps Away At The Drum-Beat Of Wanton Longing, Lustful Love.

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