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10 December 2008


 December 10, 2008
Category: Poetry Collection

My Favourite Heady, Sultry, Sweet Perfumed Garden Scent

Fills The Senses With A Warmth As Sweet As Angel Breath

The Raspberries Heavy, Dripping Fruit Hanging Cane Bent

The Scents And Sights Etched On My Mind – A Life Near Death


Grandad’s Garden, All Neat Rows And Blooming, Happy Bliss

A Feast Of Colour To Brighten A Day, Put A Glint In Smiling Eyes

To See His Face At The Window Pane, A Whiskery, Tobacco- Kiss

A Face, A Smile, A Kiss, A Scent, A Sight, A Man, I So Achingly Miss


The Sweet Pea Scent Sweeps Away Time And Back To Childhood

Life Was Sunny, Happy, Carefree, The Garden Stream Cool As Ice

A Stream Twinkling Under Blue Skies, A Robin’s Breasted Blood

Grandad’s Sweet Pea Garden – A True Taste Of Glorious Paradise

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Famous for his involvement with Manchester United and Carlisle United professional football clubs. This website showcases the other lifelong passions of Michael Knighton - as a creator of Art and Poetry and occasional blogger.

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