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Tea at Fortnum & Masons

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Tea at Fortnum & Masons


Let me put my cards on the table-

But this is not a card table!

No, I had that sort of hunch-

Is it one for things like Lunch?

Depends upon your social standing, Mr. Skinner

This table could be for Luncheon or Dinner

Oh, my social standing has never been thinner-

Then, though its luncheon we’ll call it dinner.

But it’s way past Noon!

It will be high – tea very soon-

Well, now, I dare say, Mr.Skinner, your manners will do for me-

Would you like a cup of Earl Grey tea?

Michael Knighton

Author Michael Knighton

Famous for his involvement with Manchester United and Carlisle United professional football clubs. This website showcases the other lifelong passions of Michael Knighton - as a creator of Art and Poetry and occasional blogger.

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