Doooo You Too Get Annoyed With Listening To The Same Old Set

You Know, The Luvvie, Literary Circuit Type – Hale Fellow Well Met

They Appear At All The Calendar Cultural And Bookish Events

In And Out, Patty-Back, Chitty-Chat , In The Chummy Sponsors Tents

Sipping Bubbly Champagne With Canapes Or Guzzling Earl Grey Tea

They Come Because They Must And Are Even Paid And Do Get In Free

It’s The Same Old Crowd Everytime, Polly, Melvyn, Fry, Motion, Too

They Smile And Nod And Sometimes Even Say  – ‘Well, How Do You Do?’

It’s The Arty-Farty In-Crowd You See – Always Plugging A New Book

Come To My Talk At Ten To Three – You Must Come And Take A Look

I’ve Got A Lecture, Then A Photo-Shoot And Book Signing At Four

I’m Sooooo In Demand I’ll Be Pegged Out On The Book Sellers Floor

Why Is It Always The Same Old Sodding Luvvie Circuit Festival Set?

They Are In It For The Kudos And The Fame And The Money You Bet

But I’m A Poet And A Writer And I Even Paint And Sculpt A Bit Too

But I’m An Ousider Not Welcome In Their Set – Just Wouldn’t Doooo

Michael Knighton

Author Michael Knighton

Famous for his involvement with Manchester United and Carlisle United professional football clubs. This website showcases the other lifelong passions of Michael Knighton - as a creator of Art and Poetry and occasional blogger.

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