Michael Knighton knows a thing or two about football, he having been involved at both ends of the football spectrum. Michael was once a director of perhaps the biggest and greatest club in the world, Manchester United ( 1989-1992). He was also a one time owner and CEO of a lower League club, Carlisle United AFC (1992 -2002) the latter he purchased when it had just finished rock bottom of all 92 English professional football league clubs.

As well as knowing a thing or two about football his other great passion is all things art – he is an accomplished artist himself and a successful businessman to boot!

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Mr. Chairman

The Mr Chairman Podcast will delve into the personal stories and journeys of many well-known sports personalities and will seek to explore their personal trials and tribulations as well as their great successes. Sports fans will get their chance to quiz Mr Chairman himself on his own views of all kinds of sports – I reckon they are in for a real treat to talk to a man with wide experience

The weekly podcast will be launching in September with new and exciting guests every week. Subscribe below for updates and the full roster of upcoming guests.

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